Fat Straw Nutrition is a Juice & Smoothie Shop in Mesa, AZ

Fat Straw Nutrition is a local juice and smoothie shop located in Mesa, AZ specializing in refreshing creations that are both healthy and delicious. Our cafe is family owned and operated, and offers a warm friendly environment for our guests to sit down and enjoy a fresh smoothie, protein shake, or energy drink after a hard workout or a break from the workday. Everyone deserves a healthy lifestyle, and Fat Straw Nutrition is here to help kick start that journey with you!

Using fresh, organic fruits, Fat Straw Nutrition is committed to blending the tastiest delights in the most sustainable way possible. Our menu features our signature creations as well as the option to customize your own smoothie using your chosen ingredients. You can also give yourself the boost you need to start your day with shots of protein, vitamins, and other beneficial add-ons.

In addition to smoothies, you can try our freshly brewed teas and iced coffees. Our juice and smoothie shop serves up all of your favorite drinks. Whether you want to join us for brunch or even lunch, we are a great option for anytime of the day.

Treat yourself to something that will start you off on the foot and delight your taste buds and please check us out at Fat Straw Nutrition today!

What Makes Us Proud
  • Family-Owned & Operated
  • Fresh & Nutritious Ingredients
  • Warm-Friendly Environment
Locations Served
  • Mesa, AZ